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YouTube Activities

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

The biggest thing management gripes about if you are an Activity Professional is plopping your residents in front of the TV. And for the most part I would recommend that you don't! Our goal is to have meaningful and engaging activities.

But realistically we are not superheroes and we can't do everything at once. Maybe you need some time in the morning to plan and prepare for a large event in the afternoon. You can't prep for an activity and host one at the same time! If you have an assistant or volunteer have them on the floor during those times, but if you don't have help then YouTube can come in handy! If there is no one to do a real activity these can be good alternatives.

I recommend using either an Amazon Fire Stick or Google Chromecast. Alternatively, many smart TVs have the YouTube App built in. Lastly, you could use a computer or tablet and connect with an HDMI cord.


Susie Q is one of the best!

This playlist has classic songs with lyrics on the screen

Relaxing Music and Images

These videos have relaxing images with peaceful music. These would be good to play during mealtimes or to help calm someone down who is agitated.

Live streams of Animals

It is so fun watching the animals move around and interact with each other, these feature Pandas, an aquarium, and a bird feeder.

Armchair Travel

I highly recommend putting together your own playlist of tourist sites in your local city. Seeing places they used to visit will bring back good memories for many residents.

Funny Videos of Kids and Pets

They say laughter is the best medicine

Exercise Videos

Sometimes I will do a live class with these videos playing in the background. That way I could do one on one exercise with residents who needed extra motivation or guidance and the rest of the group could still follow along with the video. If you are putting on a video with no staff supervision make sure your residents are able to do the exercises safely and do only what is comfortable for them.

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