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Delicious Armchair Travel Activity

Universal Yums is the easiest way to do an armchair travel activity. They send you a box monthly with snacks from a different country. Their most recent past boxes included Colombia, Egypt, and Thailand. Some of the food like chips are already easy to separate, but for other treats like some chocolates or cookies you might have to bring a knife to separate into pieces for each resident. If it's a snack that really can't be separated equally, we would do a competition game or a raffle to see who wins it at the end of the activity. Depending on how big your group is, you can purchase different sizes.

Each box also contains a booklet of trivia, history, and other recipes from that country. In the booklet, it also has a description of each snack and lists the ingredients (helpful for those with allergies or food sensitives). Along with the activities that come in the booklet, I like to either show a video of the country or play music in the background during the taste testing. To decorate the tasting table, I like to also print out pictures of the famous locations of that country.

Here is an unboxing video of the last country, Colombia!

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