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Theme Week: Hawaiian Cruise

This week we are going on a Hawaiian Cruise. For this theme week we went to a different Hawaiian island for each day of the week and provided a little trivia sheet for each day. We did this week during quarantine so all activities were made to be door to door but can be adapted to be in group setting.

Day One: The Big Island - On day one we passed out boarding passes and took pictures with a cruise themed photo booth. You could purchase something like this. Or just make some clipart ones yourself.

Day Two: Maui - This day we swam with the dolphins. On the in house tv we showed several videos of dolphins swimming by a ship and doing tricks. For a snack we served these banana fruit cups.

Day Three: Oahu - Today was beach volley ball! We got out a beach ball and went door to door and played a short game of toss.

Day Four: Kauai - On this day I played some ukulele music for my residents as well as shared some trivia facts about the history of the ukulele. If you don't have a live musician available, you could play some videos from YouTube instead.

Day Five: Lanai - For this day, our dietary manager ordered some Island Ways Sorbet cups. There are a lot of different flavors!

Day Six: Molokai - This day we made a craft! We made layered sand art. To make it all you need are little jars, different colored sands, and a funnel. To do the project all you need to do is pour a little bit of each colored sand into the jar (through the funnel for easier pouring) and layer them one by one.

Day Seven: Niihau - The final day! Before we head home, we are learning some hula dancing. My assistant and I learned a couple of moves and did a demonstration for our residents. For those that were mobile we ask that they dance along with us and learn the routine. Additionally, I also brought in my hula hoops (which are not traditionally related to hula) but it was fun playing around with them! You could also watch some videos of hula dancers.

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