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Lacing Activity - Modification for Knitters

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

There are various reasons why someone might stop crocheting or knitting. Maybe their arthritic hands hurt too much or they can't keep their concentration up enough to remember the next stich. Whatever it may be, lacing might be a good modification. I have found this works especially where for memory care residents. I would just put a lacing card in their hand and they would immediately know what to do. Here are some options for your community to try.

These options, instead of just lacing, it more of an easy sewing kit. You actually get to make something new in the process. Two of them use safety needles but still be cautious of the point. The third one just has a hard tip at the end of the string to use for lacing.

These next ones are not projects but rather just a handy individual activity. It's relaxing for many to just sit down and work on these.

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