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Perfect Pairs Memory Game

Perfect pairs is a fun memory game for any group! You can either do it as a live group activity or print out the handout for an independent activity. This game gives an example of one half of the pair and the resident has to fill in the other half.

Here are some examples, download the below documents to get the full activity!

Food Pairs:

Cookies and _______ (Cream/Milk)

Ketchup and _______ (Mustard)

Mashed Potatoes and _______ (Gravy)

Food Pairs - Perfect Pairs - SLCA
Download DOCX • 45KB

Objects Pairs:

Fork and _______ (Knife/Spoon)

Socks and _______ (Shoes)

Pencil and _______ (Paper)

Object Pairs - Perfect Pairs - SLCA
Download DOCX • 43KB

Miscellaneous Pairs:

Right and _______ (Left/Wrong)

Hugs and _______ (Kisses)

Yin and _______ (Yang)

Miscellaneous Pairs - Perfect Pairs - SL
Download • 44KB

Common Couples Pairs:

Hansel and _______ (Gretel)

Dr. Jekyll and _______ (Mr. Hyde)

Romeo and _______ (Juliet)

Common Couples Pairs - Perfect Pairs - S
Download • 48KB

Complete Activity:

Perfect Pairs - SLCA
Download DOCX • 54KB

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