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Tabletop Jigsaw Puzzles

Puzzles are great for residents of all abilities. Puzzles can help with improve concentration and memory. They can either be done as an individual activity, and a one on one, or with a group. Below I will show some of my favorite puzzle options.

For individuals with dementia, typically you will need less pieces and pieces that have unique shapes. These are three of my favorites.

This one is nice because the container it comes in also acts as a template for the edges of the puzzle. The pieces are very sturdy!

This one is great for a tabletop group activity since the puzzle is so large. I like to ask residents what they know about each county, if they have ever traveled there and also talk about the animals featured.

This puzzle is of North America. This can be good for reminiscing while putting together the puzzle. Ask the residents which state they are from, where have they traveled, or if they could live in any state where would they live?

This one has unique color coding on the back of each piece to help match up the color on the piece to the board.

This beautiful design is just as nice as any 1000 piece puzzle, but is simple enough for those with dementia to give it a try.

For those needing more of a challenge, I would suggest more pieces with intricate designs and unique shapes.

A good medium sized puzzle at 300 pieces. The pieces are larger in size which makes for easier assembly.

I like this brand a lot. I think their pieces feel like quality and their designs are always beautiful. This one has a unique shape to it when you finish the puzzle. The oblong shape makes fitting together the sides a little trickier for an extra


This wooden puzzle has lots of unique animal shapes that fill up the puzzle. The wooden pieces give it a really give it that quality feel.

This 1000 piece puzzle will sure to be a challenge. The letters on the back helps break it up into different parts, but its still guaranteed to take some concentration

For a super puzzle fanatic, maybe try a 3D puzzle like this one of the New York City Skyline.

Lastly, with the big puzzles, residents might want to hang them up. Here is a tutorial on how to glue your puzzle together to save it forever. Here is the puzzle glue they used.

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