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Memory Care Miracle - Painting with Water

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

This product is seriously a memory care miracle. Aquapaint is an ideal activity for those with mid to late stage dementia. To set up all you need is a cup of water, a paint brush and an Aquapaint canvas. The resident wets their brush with water and simply brushes the water onto the canvas. Like magic, a colorful image begins to appear as the canvas gets wet. Eventually, the water will dry and the colors will fade. Because of this the canvas can be used again and again.

This activity has been so positive in my experience with memory care residents. They love watching the colors appear! The fact that you only need to use water is helpful too. I have had incidents using traditionally paints where a resident would start drinking the dirty paint water. With Aquapaint, if they drink the paint water, you can feel at ease because it is simply just plain water. Aquapaint can be found on Amazon or directly from the manufacturer, Active Minds.

If a resident has difficulty with traditional painting something like Aquapaint might be something that can provide an appropriate challenge and help them reach success. If Aquapaint is too easy for an individual, be sure to provide them with something appropriate to their ability.

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